Remember…….Stand up!

I hope everyone had a blessed Monday! I thought I would share a little more personal stuff today. I am sure those of you have read my posts can clearly see that serving God and spreading his word is my calling now.

This week is such an emotional week for me for so many reasons. First of all a little more about me will help to show why. I have always been employeed, volunteered or had some
Involvement with public service. I have worked in the emergency medical field, emergency management,  volunteer fire department, both full-time and reserve law enforcement.   I have responded to diasters including the 1995 Bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, the May 3rd F5 tornado in Oklahoma the tore a path if destruction across this great state, responded numerous wildland fires that have destroyed so many homes and lives. I am not here talking about the things I’ve done but, to mention the thousands of men, women, children and businesses that respond. You see after the Federal Building the response not only from the first responders, but everyday citizens became known around tge world as the Oklahoma Standard. We remember those who loose their lifes during these disasters. I remember not only them but, the first rrsponders and those who help them cope and work side by side with us.  This week is National Law Enforcement Memorial Week. Where the officers who have given tge ultimate sacrifice are remembered. I have several friends whose name have beem written on that wall. This is also the week where Special Olympians compete, talk about hero’s.  Law enforcement from around carry the torch and raise money to benefit these fine young men and women. This week ends Tornado week here in the heartland. We are have reached the oeak in tornado sewson.  May 15th also is my birthday. I know celebrate right, yes but let me explain my birthday curse.  My grandfather on my mothers side died on my 5th birthday, my momscousin died 8n my 10th birthday, this year marks 6 months sibce my grandmother on my fathers side passed away, she was my fishing buddy, my best friend, I spent most of my summers with her and my grandfather. 

I wanted to use all this rememberance, tragic events, heroic acts to say this, we rember all these events but, how often do you remember Jesus. He paid the ultimate sacrifice for you and me to be forgiven of all our sins so we can join him, god our loved ones and friends that have given their lives to him.  Do you remember him on Easter or Christmas? What about the rest of the time….like every minute of every day. Some say I’m to busy, I dont know what to thank him for or my favorite I prayed and he never answered. Well if tou have time to readthis youhave time to remember God. You dont know what to tgank him for, how about everything. Did you wake up breathing? Thank him because, somewhere some took their last breath and didn’t wake up. Think he didn’t answer your prayer. He made you and knows your tomorrow and is tgeauthor and perfector of your life. He knows wnat you need and protects you when you trust and obey him.

This country, no this world needs to remember God, our creator, our father. We must turn to God in everything give him total control. Then and only then will we find our world in the favor and grace of God. We must unite as one church for God. Christians have gone silent for to long while the worldly desires of Satan have been allowed ti grow while Christians have grown silent and wonder what’s wrong with tge world. Its timeto speak up, be heard, speak the word of god to all nations!  Stand up rejoice and maje a joyful noise unto the lord.


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