Fighting the good fight…

This message is targeted at men(women this doesn’t totally exclude you). Men who have been diverted from their walk with God.  It deals with Anger, jealousy, lust and pornography.  It will be calling for the men of faith to rise up and fight. To start regaining our God ordained place in his kingdom.  We must be of strong courage, fight the good fight of faith.  Over the past several decades the role men have played in our country has declined.  There has been many studies and theories as to why this has occurred.  I believe that the primary reason for this role reversal is the lack of God.  Men have cowered down, stopped praying, stopped following God, stopped leading and stopped being the men of God that he designed us to be.  To begin to rally the troops, I wanted to start with a few men of the bible that did not finish well.  While this message is calling on men to overcome their addiction to pornography as well as its link to anger and jealousy, there is a horrific trend in women with an increased addiction to pornography.  I recently attended a boot camp for men where this was briefly touched on.  While pornography is nothing new it is playing an increasingly detrimental role in our relationships and marriages for both men and women.

Men who didn’t finish well in the Bible:

1)  JONAH:   (See Jonah Chs. 1-4)  Jonah, though reluctant at first, saw revival take place in Ninevah.  Sadly, Jonah was angry at God for showing compassion on the wicked Ninevites.  Therefore, he withdrew to the outskirts of the city and pouted under vine.  When the vine was gone, Jonah got even more angry.  How could this be?  He was called, chosen by God; yet he was angry.  His life ended in a sad state of depression and isolation.  Jonah did not finish well!  He was tripped up by anger.

Jonah’s diversion from God:  Anger!

2) SAUL:  (1 Samuel 10:1,9) Saul was annointed by Samuel, called by God and even prophesied.  Yet he eventually fell into disobedience.  Worse yet, he became jealous of a younger more talented soldier by the name of David.  Saul’s jelousy drove him to attempt murder.  He eventually fell on his own sword and tragically died.  (1 Samuel Ch. 31) Saul was known as a very jealous King.  Many men today suffer from similar emotions of jealousy and rage.  They get sucked into a comparasion trap, (judging self by others).

Saul’s diversion from God:  Jealousy.

3)SOLOMON:  (1 Kings 2:45ff)  Solomon was chosen by his Father David to ascend to the throne in Israel.  He was the wisest man ever.  He built the Temple.  Saw the Lord.  Prayed great prayers.  Yet Solomon was extremely taken by women.  (1 Kings 11:1-2)  Many men today are extremely taken by women and lust.   Like Solomon, we have a wrong appetite for women.  Having a wrong appetite for women is commonly called LUST.   Jesus said, “Anyone who looks upon a women lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”  (Matt.5:29) Everytime you look at pornography and entertain lustful thoughts about someone you’re not married to, you engage in lustful thoughts and behavior.  Most pornographic episodes end in some type of masturbation event.   At best, masturbation is a self control issue, at i’t’s very worst masturbation leads to despair.  According experts, fully 60% of men who indulge in pornography followed by masturbation, entertain thoughts of suicide.   You may not have 1,000 wives and concubines like Solomon, but how many times have you indulged in lustful behavior to the detriment of your soul?  Solomon was greatly diverted from serving God by women.  Are you?  Worse yet, it could lead you down a path of despair  that could result in thoughts of taking your own life.   Scores of men have been found dead, with a nearby discharge of semen.  It’s not worth it Men.  If your masturbation habit has got the better of you.  Get help!   A man entangled in sexual sin often hides, has bouts of depression and fits of anger.  There is shame and disgrace, and he often struggles in his marriage or relationships with women.  He almost never stays involved in the Church.  He is sporadic and undependable when it comes to serving the Lord.  Why?  Because He is completely taken by something other than the Lord.  He has been diverted!  What about YOU?

Solomon’s diversion from God:  Women.

The problem of LUST has reached new heights through the availability of internet pornography.   It is estimated that more that over 50% of men are regular patrons of some form of pornography.   Pornographic pay per views and internet sites are a growing multi-billion dollar industry.  According to Dateline NBC, Porno grosses higher profit margins that all the major cable news programs (CNN, ESPN, MSN).  Men are so addicted to this stuff, that money ceases to be an object to pleasure seeking.   Just like Solomon, we will stop at nothing to experience the adrenalin high of looking lustfully upon a woman.  Now, I want to tell you what to do if you’re involved with Pornography?  Let’s get practical, I’m here to help you today…

1.) Get HELP from a Pastor!  Or counselor.
2.) Unsubscribe to the internet at home.  Pull the plug today!
3.) Confess to your wife, give her permission to get help as well.
4.) Find an accountability partner through the Church
5.) Attend a ‘Breaking free’ seminar or ‘Recovery class’
6.) Rekindle your relationship with God by regular Church attendance and discipline study and prayer.

What will keep your heart from a fully devoted walk with Jesus Christ?  Are you going to let pornography and lust keep you from finishing the race?  The good news is that you don’t have to, Jesus Christ can give you power over the problem of pornography.  He can set you free to finish the race.

The good news is this:  You can finish the race, and finish well.  You don’t have to get diverted.  You must first be willing to FIGHT!  Take up the weapons of warfare in Ephesians Ch. 6 and get on the offense.  The Devil wants to devour and divert.  God want’s you to conquer and win!   You + God = Majority.   You can win the battle over jealousy, anger and pornography.  But you have to be willing to fight.  In the military, orders are given to ‘fire when fired upon.’  Today we have been fired upon by the enemy of our soul!  It’s time to rise up and fight this battle!  The sword of the spirit is an offensive weapon.  What we need today is men filled with the spirit that are not afraid to fight.  On the battle field, if a soldier disobeys orders when fired upon and acquiesces to the enemy; there is no longer a place for that soldier.  The same is true with us, if we are not willing to fight the enemy who is battling us with fervor, then one must wonder what place is ours in the army of the Lord?  Men of Faith, rise up FIGHT!  You can win the war, but not with out first taking up spiritual arms and waging an all out fight to the finish with Satan.  Ephesians 4:27 says, “And do not give the devil a foothold.”

Men and women if pornography is an issue in your life today, take the bold step of faith and declare that Satan can no longer have this foothold in your life and you will not let it destroy you, your relationships or your family.  I would like to extend a offer of help to anyone out there that needs help. There are resources available to help you overcome this addiction.  Send me a message if you would like to help or need help, I will fight with you and get you the help you need. Will you stand up, will you rise up, will you regain your life through Jesus Christ and join me in fighting the good fight of faith for the Kingdom?


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