God Doesn’t love me…he can’t use me

How could God love me after all the mistakes I’ve made?”, “There is no way God could use me to do good…could He?”

Not because I’m perfect (quite the very opposite actually), but because I’ve truly been redeemed and lived out God’s grace and mercy for over two years now, I can honestly answer both questions with “You have the most amazing opportunity because of your mistakes – to reach people just like you when no one else but YOU could!” God wants to use each and every one of your hurts and mistakes in such an amazing way. Don’t believe that? Check out what the original disciples were like before they met Jesus. They were ordinary people, who were heathen sinners just like you and me. BUT, MILLIONS of people have come to know Jesus on an incredible level because of them. God wants to use YOUR story! Question is, will you let Him?

I sit here thinking about all the incredible true ministry opportunities God has created over the last year – the broken men He had contact me, and while I still struggle with the “Me? Really??? After all I’ve done???”, I no longer question with whether I’m qualified or not. I’m not, but He is, and His redemption promise is real. Forget what others say to the contrary no matter who they are in your life. If you are ready to take off your “grave clothes” and get to know who truly Jesus is, there are people who have been where you are now (no matter where that is) who are ready to help…including me – a guy who was broken at his core who has been made a new creation. God is not a man that He would lie. Jesus is real and risen JUST FOR YOU! He has a long history of taking broken people to help broken people! It’s your turn!